Sea Monsters in 3D!

This is as close as most of us are ever likely to come to a sea monster. The remarkable skull was unearted in Warwickshire and belonged, nearly 200 million years ago, to a dolphin like creature known as an ichthyosaur.

The beautifully preserved skull – by Nigel Larkin

When the poor creature died, its remains were buried and preserved allowing scientists to use scanning technology (including the familiar CT scanning technology used in hospitals) to study the canals and cavities inside the bones which would have once carried blood vessels and nerves.

Using the data from the scanners, the team of scientists from the University of Manchester were able to recreate what the creature would have looked like when it swam in the prehistoric waters.

Recreation of the ichthyosaur – by Bob Nicholls

Ichthyosaurs were large marine reptiles which lived between 250 and 90 million years ago and would have fed on fish, squid and other similar marine creatures.

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